What the Pandemic Taught Us

As seen in the 2021 LIS (Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook)

By Barry Vogel (CEO of Audio & Loudspeaker Technologies International. ALTI)

A year ago, the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic were sinking in, and the world was on lockdown. I wrote an article titled; “What the Pandemic Should Teach Us”. Little did I know that the audio industry would be faced with even more adversity than a catastrophic world health crisis. The last year has been a testament to human resilience, ingenuity, and for those forward- looking people and companies: opportunity.

It wasn’t enough to deal with the loss of life and livelihoods due to Covid. It wasn’t enough to sustain isolation and a near total disruption of business norms. We had extreme weather at sea lead to container loads of products ending up at the bottom of the ocean. We had chip shortages and vital material shortages. In America, Postal service and shipping delays became a daily issue. As of this article, these issues are still impacting the supply chain and sales worldwide.

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