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  ALTI-EXPO & Conference ’23 (AE’23)  seeks to present content presentations of new, cutting edge technologies, timely information and education focusing on technical, business, marketing, and general education related to the audio signal chain and all related technologies.

ALTI-EXPO & Conference ’23 (AE’23) returns to the DoubleTree by Hilton at the entrance to Universal, Orlando. Look for many new presentations from new Members and technologies that we are confident our Members and attendees will find of great value.

Presentations will be technical content and business content as well as product specific trainings.

Presentation formats include:

Papers: 20 minutes or less in length. Presentations of academic nature and not self, corporate, or specific product related.

Advertorials: 20 minutes or less in length. These are intended to promote your company, or products and services. Advertorials will be at no charge for  exhibitors. 

Seminars: May be from 1 to 4 hours. Presentations of purely academic or educational value and no commercial promotion.

Speaker Builders Workshop (SBW): Our 3rd edition of this popular hands on workshop will grow and expand the concept. Modeling, designing, building, and testing a functioning loudspeaker is just the beginning. SBW ’23 will show how analog and digital go hand in hand.



Watch this space for highlights of the upcoming AE’23 content

Do you have valuable content to present to our global attendees? Fill out the application below to be considered.

NOTE: You do not have to be a Member to present a Paper. You MUST be a Member to present a Seminar or Advertorial. ONLY Advertorials may promote specific products or companies. Exhibitors receive first call on all scheduling,

As a special “Thank-you” to presenters, ALTI is pleased to provide a FREE ONE-DAY All Access Pass to AE’23 on the day of your presentation. This will include Breakfast and Lunch. If you choose to attend BOTH days of AE’23, the cost to do so including the Gala annual ALMA Awards Banquet on Saturday evening is $299 and may be paid for on the Call for Content form below.

We want to have YOU present your knowledge to our global audience.
  • Fill the form out completely
  • Try to keep the title as short as possible
  • Your abstract should be no more than a paragraph or so*
  • After submission, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of acceptance
  • All content presented will be considered property of ALTI for the purposes of sharing with ALTI Members and possibly education institutions. 
  • If you need more space than the application allows, feel free to submit the form AND email with any additional information.
  • All submissions are subject to presentation space available and previous submissions.