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  ALTI-EXPO & Conference ’23 (AE’23)  seeks to present content presentations of new, cutting edge technologies, timely information and education focusing on technical, business, marketing, and general education related to the audio signal chain and all related technologies.

ALTI-EXPO & Conference ’23 (AE’23) returns to the DoubleTree by Hilton at the entrance to Universal, Orlando. Look for many new presentations from new Members and technologies that we are confident our Members and attendees will find of great value.

Presentations will be technical content and business content as well as product specific trainings.

Presentation formats include:

Deadline for abstract submission extended to March 20, 2023.

Papers: 20 minutes or less in length. Presentations of academic nature and not self, corporate, or specific product related.

Advertorials: 20 minutes or less in length. These are intended to promote your company, or products and services. Advertorials will be at no charge for  exhibitors. 

Seminars: May be from 1 to 4 hours. Presentations of purely academic or educational value and no commercial promotion.


Watch this space for highlights of the upcoming AE’23 content

Keynote Presentations

The Need For Headphone Personalization

By Sean Olive, Senior Fellow, Harman International

Sunday, June 11, 2023 8:15AM in the Banquet area

Recent research into the perception and measurement of headphones has identified a preferred frequency response or target curve that satisfies a majority of  listeners. However, there exists different segments of the population whose preferences may deviate from this target, and are associated with differences in age, hearing loss, listening experience, gender, anthropomorphic features, and personal taste. My talk explores the need for headphone personalization, and discusses some of the current research and solutions that aim to deliver better headphone experiences for more listeners.

Conference Presentations

2023 improvements in 3 programs from LOUDSOFT

By Peter Larsen


FINESuspension 2023

Calculate the combined Spider +Surround or 2 spiders Non-Linear FEA calc of Kms(x), Cms(x) and F(x) for the combination


FINEBox 2023

DIRECT High Power/Temperature calcs from dimensions Export of responses WITH Voltage and power levels

Bass Reflex response with MAX Boosting Max Flat ABR & Passive Ring Radiator Designer (Dinaburg)



Frequency, Q and dB level for each Biquad EQ in main display Imported curves with precisely scaled SPL for high power levels Faster optimization due to optimized parameter ranges

DSP Bass Boost using Max Voltage curves from FINEBox Improved printing with all responses and DSP / Biquad data

Peter Larsen, B.Sc. EE. started his career with SEAS in 1974 and was Chief Engineer for Vifa-Speak 1979-1987. Thereafter Dynaudio 1987-1990 and JBL in USA until 1993.
From 1993 Peter Larsen has worked as an independent consultant for leading loudspeaker factories all over the world: Audax in France, KEF Audio in UK, Goldmax in China, Vifa-Speak in Denmark, Peerless Fabrikkerne of India, NXT in UK, Microlab in China, Apple in USA and many others.

During the period as an independent consultant Peter Larsen has specialized in in-depth analysis of loudspeakers and manufacturing techniques, research concerning new components and materials, advanced Acoustic Finite Element modelling, new measuring methods, novel speaker design concepts and development of several customized products (private label).
During the same period Peter Larsen has developed and marketed globally special FINE-software for speaker development and design.

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