ALTI-EXPO: Our Past Is A Hint Of Our Future!

Take a look at recent AISE Events (Now called ALTI-EXPO)

  • Exhibitors- The lowest cost of any trade show in our industry with a targeted professional audience. No “filler traffic” that wastes time! Get business done!
  • Attendees-  Two days of cutting edge education in business, technology, engineering, and sales and marketing. Over 30 hours of highly acclaimed content!
  • Student- Content and activities designed especially for students to prepare the next crop of engineers and industry leaders
  • Educators- Bring cutting edge research and innovations to the place where leading international companies can connect and help to further develop
  • Everyone!- Quality networking with industry leaders from around the world in a relaxed and comfortable environment

ALTI-EXPO is a unique and productive event with the emphasis on value for every participant. Need more information or have questions? email or call 602-388-8669.