Content and Breakout Sessions

Just some of the content coming to AE’22!
  • Speaker Builders Workshop hands on! An immersive look at loudspeaker systems design, build and testing with presentations from- Klippel, Eminence, Parts Express and Audio Precision. 

MUCH MORE coming soon!

Call for Content & Presenters Open NOW!

ALTI (Audio & Loudspeaker Technologies International) has issued a “Call for Content” for ALTI-EXPO ’22. The goal of content presentations is to present new, cutting edge technologies, information and education focusing on technical, business, marketing, and general education related to the audio signal chain and all related technologies.

ALTI-EXPO ’22 (AE ’22) will return to South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The industry has grown accustomed to a world class presentation program at our events, and we need your help to deliver again in 2022. ALTI-EXPO seeks to provide a vibrant and interactive forum to discuss current and future innovation, as well as the opportunities throughout the audio world. Presentations may be related to Business, Technical, or Education content, however ALTI will consider any content that we believe will be useful to our attendees. Anyone with professional or academic background and knowledge may apply to present including students and educators. Papers, Advertorials, Seminars, Demonstrations and Exhibits may cover a wide range of products, services, and topics, as long as it relates to the business or technology of the audio industry.

¨ Papers: 20 minutes or less in length. Presentations of academic nature and not self, corporate, or specific product related.

¨ Advertorials: 20 minutes or less in length. These are intended to promote your company, or products and services. Advertorials will be at no charge for  exhibitors. NEW: Non-Members may also present for a $500 fee in addition to your All Access Pass purchase.

Seminars: May be from 1 to 4 hours. Presentations of purely academic or educational value and no commercial promotion.

¨ Speaker Builders Workshop (SBW): Building on the success of our first SBW in 2019, AE ’22 will grow and expand the concept. Please see the  SBW Call for Content to be issued separately.

As a “Thank-you” to our valued Member Presenters*, we offer a FREE 1 day All Access Pass the day of your session as well as breakfast and lunch. If you care to attend both days of the show, Papers or Seminar presenters may purchase a discounted All Access Pass for $199.     *Banquet attendance is $120 extra.

Specific content for Papers and Seminars that we are seeking includes, but is not limited to: Current transducer design and innovations. DSP & signal processing. Microphones and acoustics. Micro speakers, wireless phones, headphone technology. Testing & production. System design. End of Line testing. New technologies. Of special note; The Speaker Builders Workshop (SBW) was a big hit at AISE2019. Attendees were excited and engaged because of the hands-on aspect of the event. Consider a hands-on presentation for maximum attendee engagement.

All submissions will be considered by our AE ’22 Committee consisting of Dan Foley and Barry Vogel on the basis of their overall quality, relevance and value to the industry, original content, and practical feasibility and usage of topic and information presented.

ALTI will consider all submissions, however ALTI Members will receive priority consideration.

ALTI tries to accommodate all valid submissions, however every year we are forced to decline several excellent presentations because of late submission, and no presentation space left. First come, first served.

Please submit content entries to no later than March 31, 2022. Use the Content Application at the link below OR submit a 1 or 2 paragraph proposal along with a brief bio of the presenter.


  • Call for Content and PresentersOpen now
  • Exhibitor RegistrationOPEN November 1, 2021.
  • Attendee RegistrationOpens January 10, 2022.

Be sure to submit a brief 1 or 2 paragraph abstract of your proposed presentation, brief bio of the presenter, and a head shot of the presenter with your Call for Content Application

Watch this space for a complete listing of Content and Presentations starting in March, 2022!

Watch this space for a complete listing of Content and Presentations starting in March, 2022!