This year only! See the full presentations at the links below.

Speaker Builders Workshop returned to rave reviews! See our SBW presentations here! 
ALTI-EXPO had presentations for everyone!                     See them here  

What cannot be seen in these videos is the networking, the deal making, the new relationships and comradery. Plan on joining us for ALTI-EXPO ’23 to learn for yourself! 

Content and Breakout Sessions

Just some of the content coming to AE’22!

Keynote Speaker Andrew Bellavia of Knowles will speak about: “The Year of Hear” 2022 will see proliferation of audio devices that take into account consumers’ unique hearing response, and with good reason

Speaker Builders Workshop hands on! An immersive look at loudspeaker systems design, build and testing with support from- Klippel, Eminence, and Parts Express/Dayton Audio and Listen. 

  • Audio Quality Perception- Advanced Headphone Measurements by Jacob Soendergaard of HEAD acoustics
  • The possibilities of engineered speaker diaphragms: Introduction to the second generation Thin-ply Carbon Diaphragms – Composite Sound Metamodal® by Martin Turesson of Composite Sound
  • NEW product introduction by Steve Temme from Listen, Inc
  • Presentations from Alex Voishvillo of Harman
  • Testing the Quality of Microphones by Gregor Schmidle of NTi Audio
  • Supply Chain Challenges and Answers! by Rosemary Coates of The Reshoring Institute

See the full presentation abstracts below.

 The goal of ALTI-EXPO ’22 content presentations is to present new, cutting edge technologies, information and education focusing on technical, business, marketing, and general education related to the audio signal chain and all related technologies.

ALTI-EXPO ’22 (AE ’22) will return to South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The industry has grown accustomed to a world class presentation program at our events, and  ALTI-EXPO will provide a vibrant and interactive forum to discuss current and future innovation, as well as the opportunities throughout the audio world. Presentations will be related to Business, Technical, or Education content. 

¨ Papers: 20 minutes or less in length. Presentations of academic nature and not self, corporate, or specific product related.

¨ Advertorials: 20 minutes or less in length. These are intended to promote your company, or products and services. Advertorials will be at no charge for  exhibitors. 

Seminars: May be from 1 to 4 hours. Presentations of purely academic or educational value and no commercial promotion.

Speaker Builders Workshop (SBW): Building on the success of our first SBW in 2019, AE ’22 will grow and expand the concept. 

As a “Thank-you” to our valued Member Presenters*, we offer a FREE 1 day All Access Pass the day of your session as well as breakfast and lunch. If you care to attend both days of the show, Papers or Seminar presenters may purchase a discounted All Access Pass for $199.     *Banquet attendance is $120 extra.


See a PDF copy of our printed program here

Speaker Builders Workshop premiered at ALTI-EXPO in 2019 and was a huge hit!

Our sponsors present a loudspeaker project from a ficticious customer, and then follow the process from setting specs, modeling, actual hands-on building of a loudspeaker, andend of line testing.

Students, new and experienced engineers enjoyed the event in 2019. Some new participants, and a fresh approach will make this a great experience.

BONUS! The 1 day course was $149 in 2019. This year, thanks to sponsorships, it is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for ALTI Members! Sign up NOW!