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Student Members are a FOCUS at ALTI-EXPO!
Student Members Benefit from education, information sharing, and networking with industry leaders and audio experts!



Is your career path in audio and loudspeaker technologies? Not sure yet? ALTI is the place for you. We are dedicated to the future success of our industry, and that requires a constantly growing field of qualified professionals available for our Member companies. 

ALTI Student Members have gone on to careers with Apple, Harman, Google, Bose, Sony and more. They attribute their initial success to the people they met through ALTI. We have many ways to help YOU to execute your career path. This page will explain some of them and give you a better overview of your association.

Full time Students and Educators may join ALTI for FREE. No charge. No catches. AND; Students may maintain free Membership up to 1 year after graduating.

Many ways to engage!

Access to the latest technology and industry news. FREE webinars and education resources posted daily. Career opportunities and more.

ALTI Student &

Educator Open Forum

The ALTI Student & Educator Open Forum is a place where our Members, Mentors, and anyone interested may post opinions, questions, experiences and basically anything you like. (as long as it relates to the audio industry or education. Keep it clean, or it gets booted.)

We Make Getting Published EASY!

Justin Zazzi started as a Student Member. He took advantage of the opportunities to get published and the networking opportunities at ALTI-EXPO. He landed his first job at ALTI Member Eminence Loudspeaker right out of school and now works at ALTI Member, Rockford Fosgate. Below are links to some of the papers and projects he has published. 

MLV Decoupling Report


Some less formal content below:

My “Ask an acoustic engineer” experiment (so … much … fun)


Discovering acoustic crossovers vs electrical crossovers


Repairing my car radio


Experiment with damping materials


Trigonometry finally useful for something


You never know what will be of interest to whom.  Getting information about you and who you are is integral to finding a successful career path. ALTI wants to help!


Have you ever heard the saying; “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”? Getting noticed and staying noticed is a vital tool in promoting and building a career. How does ALTI help? Articles, Papers, Forum posts, projects and accomplishments, and getting active in ALTI. If any or all of this seems intimidating or time consuming; PLEASE! Do not feel overwhelmed. ALTI and our Mentors have your back!

  1. Papers. These may be projects, assignments, or personal interest. Don’t worry about length, or formality, or structure. Submit what you have and we will be sure that it works for you!
  2. Articles. More lengthy and in depth than Papers and also more personal. This would probably not be your first publication, but the same guidance applies. Send it. We’ll review it, and we will help you to look good!
  3. Forum Posts. This is the easiest and most laid back way to engage. These may be about just about anything. Favorite projects, Recent experiences. Challenges. Requests for advice, or give advice. Anything that moves you. Still serves to raise your visibility!
  4. ANY ideas that you may have to engage are ALWAYS welcome! Let us know your thoughts!
  5. ALTI-EXPO. The #1 vehicle for career building, networking, and establishing your future. Not an exaggeration. See the section below for details.

Reach out with ideas, submissions and questions at any time! Call Barry Vogel at 602-388-8669 or email at barryv@altiassoc.org

Click the image to go to the ALTI-EXPO page for more information

Our annual event is usually in June, but this year only, is in October due to Covid-19 considerations. Why you need to be here:

  • Exhibitors, attendees, and presenters from major companies to smaller  design houses from around the world
  • Corporate attendees come to ALTI-EXPO looking to recruit fresh talent
  • ALTI staff and industry mentors truly enjoy helping student members to get a good start in the industry
  • Special activities designed especially for our Student Members from tours, to receptions, to many networking opportunities. Careers and lifelong contacts start here!
  • FREE All Access Pass ($499 for regular Members)
  • Breakfast and lunch both days included, plus the annual Banquet on night 1 of ALTI-EXPO