NEW! Starting in 2025!

The ALMA Awards will be presented at the ALTI Audio Summit in March, 2025 in Scottsdale, AZ

A global association needs a truly global awards process. Join the ALMA Awards sponsor. Joao Martins of AudioXpress as we introduce the new ALMA Awards.

ALTI began as ALMA in 1961. Our name has evolved to better embrace our goals and mission, but calling this the ALMA Awards is a worthy homage to our heritage that has provided the foundation for ALTI. All award winners will be determined by the industry at large except the ALMA Member Service Award. Not all categories will be awarded every year.
The categories will be:


1-Lifetime Achievement
 2-Technology  Achievement
 3-Industry  Contribution
 4-Company or Product Innovation Award
 5-ALTI Member Service Award (the only award         chosen by ALTI CEO)

ALTI’s Driver Awards were awarded from 2011 through 2019 and they honor the Association’s heritage as well as excellence and achievement with 3 award categories:

Beryllium Award is for Lifetime Achievement in the loudspeaker, or related industry

Titanium Award is for an outstanding technical or industry achievement

Gold Award is for outstanding service to ALTI

Past Award Winners Hall of Fame

NOTE: Not every category is awarded every year.

Beryllium Award Winners

Titanium Award Winners

Gold Award Winners

2019: Gunnar Rasmussen. Founder of G.R.A.S. Sound and Vibration

2019: Gary Church of MISCO

2019: Spiro Iraclianos of TAOT

2018: Chris Strahm founder of LinearX

2018: Mike Oslac owner of Oxford Speaker and Oxford International

2018: Mike Klasco owner of Menlo Scientific

2017: Bob Gault. Founder of Eminence Loudspeaker

2016: Patrick Quilter. Founder of QSC

2015: Richard Small. Retires as Senior Principle Engineer for Harman/Becker Automotive Systems

2015: Dr. Kuldip Raj of Ferrotec

2014: Dr. Amar G. Bose of Bose Corporation

2014: Siegfried Linkwitz founder of Linkwitz Lab

2014: J. Andrew McKinney, Jr of McKinney Associates

2013: Paul Klipsch founder of Klipsch Loudspeakers, and Vance Dickason

2013: Sean Olive and Doug Button of Harman International 

2013: Phil Bunch of Phase Group and Mike Oslac of York Lake Pertners

2012: Matthew Polk and Edgar Vilchur founder of Acoustic Research

2012: Peter Larsen of Loudsoft and Alex Voishvillo of Harman International

2012: Steve Tatarunis of Listen, Inc

2011: Ed Dell, Don Keele, Andy Kotstatos, Floyd Toole, Laurie Fincham

2011: Dr. Wolfgang Klippel founder of Klippel, GmbH

2011: Laurie Crook, Zarina Bhimani, Cliff Digre (ALMA co-founder)