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The ALTI Hosted Webinar series allows our Consultant, Corporate, and Sustaining Member/partners to present education and information about products, technology, innovation at any time making it a timely way to reach out to the industry. This is a FREE service for our Consultant, Corporate and Sustaining Members and FREE to attend.

ALTI Member Chat (formerlyAudio Grounds) is the 21st century equivalent to a coffee break chat. These informal online discussions will allow unscripted discussion about what is going on in your company and around the Audio, Loudspeaker & Technology Industry with peers from around the world. In a post-Covid-19 world, this can be a great tool to keep communication dynamic. Bring your own beverage, and join the chat.


Finding Your Curve: The Platform Solution for Playback Processing and Tuning

By Michael Carnes: Engineering Manager, DSP Concepts

For product makers building everything from pro audio studio monitors to smart speakers and portable speakers, achieving the ideal sound is challenging.  Engineers grapple with form factor acoustics, component nonlinearities, smart amp limitations, and mastering arcane processor toolsets.  Then there’s linking disparate algorithms and plodding through non-real-time workflows.  The Audio Weaver development platform removes these obstacles.  With Audio Weaver, engineers can monitor signal flows from the inside, identify and debug issues, and focus on designing differentiating sound profiles with precision tuning.  

Join Michael Carnes, Engineering Manager at DSP Concepts and former Director of Audio at Beats, for this ALTI hosted webinar.  Learn about the benefits of using the Audio Weaver graphical UI and embedded framework to craft playback tunings.  Michael’s presentation will include a demo of processing design and live tuning of a Bluetooth chipset.


Michael Carnes is the Engineering Manager at DSP Concepts and former Director of Audio at Beats. In this ALTI hosted webinar, learn about the benefits of using the Audio Weaver graphical UI and embedded framework to craft playback tunings.  Michael’s presentation will include a demo of processing design and a wireless tuning demo over Bluetooth.


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ALTI Association, in partnership with the Audio Product Development Alliance (APDA), present:

A Simplified Testing Solution for Bluetooth Headphones – Consistent and Accurate Production Line Results

Online Event – April 5, 2023 – 9:00 AM Pacific – (12:00 PM Eastern)

Overcoming the problems of consistency and accuracy in a volume production requires scalability, and leads to many challenges. Most factories do not have the expertise in-house to build a complete system to measure a product reliably and consistently. Translating design targets determined during R&D and specified by a brand directly to mass production is not easy to do. Cost considerations, environmental variations in the production line, and many other factors, all need to be evaluated. This discussion will address the benefits to outsourcing this solution as it relates to Bluetooth headphones.

In this presentation, two experts in production line testing of audio products discuss why you should be outsourcing your test system to experts in this field.

Simon Weston holds a Masters degree in acoustics and vibration and has a career in the audio product space. Following 10 years in China developing headphones and speakers, Simon is now based in Japan running ZUMI Systems, a manufacturer of test and measurement solutions.

Geoff Hill, inventor of the Tetrahedral Test Chamber (TTC) and CTO at Hill Acoustics, has been working in the loudspeaker and audio industry for more than 40 years. He is Chair of the AES SC-04-03 Working Group on loudspeaker modeling and measurement and a member on the IEC Working Group TC 100/TA 20/PT 60268-22. He is also the author of “Loudspeaker Modelling: A Practical Introduction.” 

During the session both experts will detail an example of a new Polar Test Chamber adapted for headphone tuning and ANC evaluation, fitted with a ZUMI Systems HP70 testing unit. The general concept around the measurement and QC of Bluetooth devices and the challenges of doing that in a production environment will be discussed.

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Using Social Media Effectively To Gain Influence and Promote Your Company

Presented by Andrew Ballavia. Director of Market Development

Engaging on social media doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. However you do have to approach it systematically for maximum effect. Social media can broaden your reach as a respected voice in your industry, or amplify the voice you already have. When done right, you’ll increase mindshare and influence where it matters most: your customers. At the same time you will gain insights from others that can potentially give you a competitive edge.   

In this webinar I will share what I learned serving as social media ambassador for Knowles Corp over the last five years, and give suggestions on how you can get started. Soon you’ll be building your own presence, reaching a broader audience, and gaining influence with your stakeholders.

This webinar is over, but you can still see it by clicking the link below.

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