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That is what ALTI is all about. Whether it is helping our Members to do business and to grow financially, or whether it is about presenting news and education that expands knowledge to help our Members to stay one step ahead; ALTI’s mission is the success of our Members.

“Why would I do this through ALTI? I can host my own webinars and chat sessions.” Because ALTI may reach people and companies that you are not yet reaching. And even your own constituancy can get complacent about communication from the same place. In addition, ALTI does the work! We set it up. We handle the registrations. We promote to our global audience through our own resources and through our media partners. And this is a FREE service to Consultant, Corporate and Sustaining Member companies (see details on our benefits page). In addition, webinars may be posted to YouTube after broadcast to be available for years to come. Sponsorships and specialty presentations may also be added for greater exposure. 

ALTI is dedicated to providing products and services that our Members will find useful and the industry will value!

The ALTI Hosted Webinar series allows our corporate Member/partners to present education and information about products, technology, innovation at any time making it a timely way to reach out to the industry. This is a FREE service for our Consultant, Corporate and Sustaining Members and FREE to attend.

ALTI Member Chat (formerlyAudio Grounds) is the 21st century equivalent to a coffee break chat. These informal online discussions will allow unscripted discussion about what is going on in your company and around the Audio, Loudspeaker & Technology Industry with peers from around the world. In a Covid-19 world, this can be a great tool to keep communication dynamic. Bring your own beverage, and join the chat.

ALTI hosted webinars are a great way to reach out to current clients as well as future prospects. Even if you host your own webinars, ALTI may help you to connect with additional prospects, as well as reminding those who may have missed your own webinars to tune in again. Free to Corporate and Sustaining Members (see Member benefits for details)

Sign up to host an ALTI Member Chat (formerly Audio Grounds) session. Less formal than a webinar. More interactive. Allows for open conversations and a relaxed environment. No slide presentations needed. This really is the 21st Century version of a coffee break….with a lot of friends. Open to host by any Consultant,  Corporate or Sustaining Members.
This webinar is over. You can download it at the link below.


Loudspeaker Rub & Buzz Measurements

Presented by Daniel Knighten

“Rub and buzz” is a loosely defined term that is widely used to refer to a class of annoying distortions in loudspeakers, typically caused by manufacturing defects. It can result from flaws in the speaker drivers themselves, or defects introduced as the relatively fragile drivers assembled into finished products (speaker cabinets, smart speakers, televisions, phones, etc.). Although most often associated with defects in loudspeaker drivers and finished products containing them, rub and buzz can also be critically important for products with microphones, such as modern smart devices or automobile handsfree systems. For example, rattling or buzzing of a microphone’s protective grille can seriously impair speech quality and even speech intelligibility, which can significantly degrade the performance of smart devices when processing spoken commands.
Rub and buzz is squarely the domain of quality assurance professionals. Ideally, they want to detect annoying rub and buzz distortion in products at the end of production lines, to prevent such faulty products from being shipped to end customers. This applies to loudspeaker drivers when they are manufactured and again when they are assembled into finished products.

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Using Social Media Effectively To Gain Influence and Promote Your Company

Presented by Andrew Ballavia. Director of Market Development

Engaging on social media doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. However you do have to approach it systematically for maximum effect. Social media can broaden your reach as a respected voice in your industry, or amplify the voice you already have. When done right, you’ll increase mindshare and influence where it matters most: your customers. At the same time you will gain insights from others that can potentially give you a competitive edge.   

In this webinar I will share what I learned serving as social media ambassador for Knowles Corp over the last five years, and give suggestions on how you can get started. Soon you’ll be building your own presence, reaching a broader audience, and gaining influence with your stakeholders.

This webinar is over, but you can still see it by clicking the link below.

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