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Since 1992, Accusonic Voice Systems (AVS) has designed and delivered amplified loudspeaker systems, handsets, microphones, in-line switches and audio cable assemblies for major military communications platforms.

Amazon Lab 126 Sustaining Member

Leading the world in online commerce and technology development and innovation.

Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) is a global semiconductor leader that bridges the physical and digital worlds to enable breakthroughs at the Intelligent Edge. 

Sustaining Member
The Leader for Audio Analyzers and Audio Testing

Providing go-to-market and branding services to innovators in the hearables and hearing health markets.

AVA is the first and only TRUE WIDE-BAND ANC in the market capable of selectively cancelling all annoying noises we want to get rid of without compromising the quality of Music or speech.

BAYZ Audio is the manufacturer of world wide multi-award-winner 360-degree radiation speakers and other High-End devices.

Since 1969 Acustica Beyma designs and manufactures from its factory in Valencia a wide range of solutions in the loudspeakers field. Beyma is one of the most reliable companies in the audio sector and it is considered as one of the main worldwide firms.

Biamp’s innovative audiovisual solutions make genuine communication possible, whether across the room or around the globe.

Stand out from the crowd and #Rule the quiet

Professional Loudspeakers and Compression Drivers. Sustaining Member

Founded in 1924, Celestion has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturers of loudspeakers. Responsible for the first ever dedicated guitar speaker, Celestion drivers have become the ‘voice of rock & roll’, delivering many of the most memorable performances by guitarists including Jimi Hendrix and Slash through to the current crop of high-octane shredders. Our innovation in LF and compression drivers places Celestion at the heart of the professional sound reinforcement industry, relied upon by many of the world’s leading manufacturers to deliver the sound of a great show.

Division of Biamp
Application-Driven Loudspeakers with Precision Coverage and Premium Sound Quality

Engineered Speaker Cones and Diaphragms. Everything we do at Composite Sound is about enabling you to make it sound like you want it to sound. We use state of the art material science, advanced simulation tools and a unique engineering approach to create speaker cones and diaphragms.


COMSOL Multiphysics®  is a software for simulating designs, devices, and processes in all fields of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research. Engineers use COMSOL Multiphysics to simulate acoustics and vibrations for products such as loudspeakers, microphones, mufflers, transducers, sensors, sonars, flow meters, and more.

Full service consulting firm, offering component engineering and design services, system & end product engineering and design services.


Danville designs and manufactures electronic products using a blend of digital signal processing (DSP) and analog circuit technology to create solutions for high-performance professional and consumer audio markets. We also make acoustics and vibration instrumentation since the technology requirements are quite similar

Sustaining Member

dB Enterprises provides boots on the ground support in Hong Kong, China and S.E. Asia to facilitate product development and carry out local sales of advanced audio technology. 

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Our Mission – Continuously enhance the sonic experience by delivering unparalleled clarity, energy efficiency and fidelity for a superior listening experience through science and advanced technology and processes.

DSP Concepts is the global leader in embedded audio software and creator of Audio Weaver, the audio development platform that makes audio innovation easy. DSP Concepts equips engineers with real-time workflows to quickly stand up prototypes, collaborate and modify designs across teams, debug system level issues, and deploy to the most popular chipsets.


Made for music

Echo test hardware is used globally to verify audio quality for millions of devices every year. With over 25,000 units installed worldwide, there’s a good chance the device you are using to read this was tested with an Echo product.

Discover the sonic possibilities with Eminence

Sustaining Member

Leading brands rely on Ferrotec technologies and materials for many of the products you use at the office or home.

Gamax Laboratory Solutions is a regional leader in equipping R&D businesses with the best engineering solutions. As an official representative of Mathworks, COMSOL, and Speedgoat for over two decades, we have helped thousands of engineering teams overcome complex engineering challenges and accelerate innovation.


Sustaining Member

GRAS provides a wide range of specially designed acoustic sensors and dedicated accessories for use in specific industries

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We specialise in bespoke loudspeaker products for all audio markets

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Driving the Future of Connected Experiences

Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.® produces high-performance adhesives, sealants, UV LED curing lights, and precision dispensing systems.

Sustaining Member

 Innovative, world-class suite of complete solutions for engineering and scientific designs involving multiple disciplines – creating simulation software programs that analyze a full spectrum of physical problems.

JL Mag Rare-Earth USA, Inc

Better life with rare earths

Audio Testing and Audio Analyzers


We engineer, prototype and produce innovative loudspeakers

KLIPPEL is innovation leader in providing unique test equipment dedicated to electro-acoustical transducers and audio systems.
The novel techniques are the result of fundamental research over 30 years providing more accurate physical models of loudspeakers, micro-speakers and headphones valid in small and large amplitudes. These tests reveal the root causes of signal distortion and give practical indications for further improvements in design and manufacturing.

email inquiries:

Sustaining Member
We’ve driven innovation in the audio industry for 75 years

Listening Outside the Box!

Patented  Audio Technology for IoT Devices, Audio Products, and Speakers to thrill, enable, and enhance consumer listening experiences.

Listen has set the standard in electroacoustic measurement techniques since 1995, with powerful and innovative test methods and algorithms based on original research. Listen’s flagship product, SoundCheck, is a modular software-based system that offers fast and flexible testing, backed by outstanding service and customer support.

Home of the “Fine Circle” of testing and modeling solutions

The Lyceum is an online collaborative software that facilitates hardware system engineering research & development and manufacturing by automating data-intensive tasks, keeping a track record of historical technical data, and offering tools for online groupwork.

Providing consulting services in the areas of Hearing Aid development, and personal audio devices. Specific skills in Hardware, Algorithms, Firmware, Software and Electro acoustics.


Sustaining Member

Only MISCO offers USA and off-shore speaker driver and amplifier manufacturing combined with full turnkey service from product design to delivery, and every step in between. From sophisticated custom audio systems to ‘off-the-shelf’ speaker drivers, MISCO has been saving our customers time, effort, and money for more than  70 years.

Niron has developed innovative advanced magnetic materials for high performance, low cost permanent magnets.

NTi Audio AG is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement solutions for speakers, amplifiers, and microphones, we specialize in end-of-line audio testing for manufacturing quality control purposes.

Sustaining Member


High quality speakers, receivers, microphones and buzzers – and unique design capabilities. We offer acoustic system integration. From idea to manufacturing – and all of the steps in between.

Magnetics: A wide magnetics product portfolio that serves a broad range of market segments. We offer quality and cost effective alternatives as well as custom solutions for special requirements.

An established centre of excellence in Audio Processing.

A major player in the O.E.M. loudspeaker compression driver business, the sound contractor/fixed installation market and the portable/tour sound industry.

Providing fully integrated audio solutions to powersport manufacturers since 1985

Resonado Labs is an audio technology company revolutionizing the industry and introducing the world to powerful raw sound in smaller than ever form factors with their patented speaker designs. 

THIS IS ROCKFORD FOSGATEFor over 35 years Rockford Fosgate has made lifestyle products that deliver the audio experience in cars, boats, and recreational vehicles.
Sustaining Member

Built from the foundation of a company with decades of manufacturing experience and partnered with an engineering group touted for their revolutionary designs

The ART of Sound Perfection

SELTECH is an international solution provider with deep expertise in acoustics and sensors. We offer innovative solutions to our customers’ challenges, from design to production.

sensiBel has reinvented the microphone using optical technology enabling true studio-quality in a MEMS package

Bring joy to the world through sound.

Stetron is an audio solutions provider to companies worldwide. We support innovation with a range of Audio Engineering & Design services along with components that are standard or custom designed to meet your needs.

Sustaining Member

Supergauss is considered the largest magnets manufacturer in Latin America. In 1971, Supergauss started its activities, developing ferrite products in the form of rings, blocks, segments, such as flexible magnets (Imaflex) in high and low energy.

Sustaining Member


Tectonic Audio Labs uses bending wave modes to produce sound vibrations through its patented Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) and Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) products, offering a 21st century approach to speaker technology that confers significant benefits to the end user.

Thermoguide specializes in Motion Feedback technology for adding the 30-60 Hz missing range to Near Field Studio Monitors, Car Audio and Home theater Sound Bars. We offer our design knowledge and provide MFB specific hardware to speaker designers and manufacturers .


Sustaining Member

Warkwyn is an acoustical measurement company that helps our clients produce superior transducers and loudspeaker systems for the professional and consumer marketplaces. We operate the most sophisticated independent transducer measurement lab in North America and offer Klippel analysis for transducers and systems developed in-house and elsewhere. Warkwyn is proud to represent Klippel and Microflown products in North America, and are always available to discuss your lab’s instrumentation needs with these world-class measurement systems.

Sustaining Member

Spearheading Digital Audio

Since 1985

As an authorized Hitachi licensee, Yunsheng USA, has been supplying Neodymium magnets, assemblies and magnetic expertise to the American loudspeaker industry since 1995.   Follow us on: LinkedIn