What is ALTI?
ALTI- Audio and Loudspeaker Technologies International

ALTI is an  association of professionals in the audio and loudspeaker technologies industry. ALTI is the only international trade association dedicated to improving the design and manufacture of loudspeakers and related technologies. Our membership is comprised of loudspeaker and audio designers and manufacturers as well as suppliers of test and measurement equipment and other products, consultants and other service providers to the loudspeaker and audio industry. Individuals, companies, academic institutions, students, and educators, participating in the loudspeaker industry are encouraged to join. ALTI enjoys and welcomes a global membership. The organization was founded in 1961 as “The American Loudspeaker Manufacturers Association”. In 2001, ALMA changed to “Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing  and Acoustics International” to reflect a global reach and to embrace a more diverse membership. In June of 2019, ALMA became ALTI to embrace an expanded mission and a more inclusive approach to our industry.