Memberships & Partnerships That Perform!

Memberships designed to build knowledge, connections, and careers.
  • Individual Memberships are open to anyone employed in or interested in the electro acoustic and audio technology industry.
  • Student and Educator Memberships are always free and afford students and teachers the opportunity to meet the movers and shakers in our industry, present new technologies, seek financing, and enhance the education of our future engineers and product development professionals.
  • With ALTI’s focus on the business and technical side of the electro acoustic and audio technology industry, as well as our extremely reasonable Membership investment, our Members find that getting involved and being an active ALTI Member pays dividends.
  • Discounted and even FREE attendance for our premiere annual event: ALTI-EXPO; Where careers are built, connections are made, and business gets done.
For our Corporate Partners, It’s all about Opportunity, Exposure and ROI.
  • Constant communication is key: FREE publication of press releases, new product announcements, and company news. If you have news to tell, ALTI will put it in front of our global Membership.
  • Discounted Exhibitor space and added Partners Only benefits at ALTI events.
  • The most reasonable advertising rates in the industry for our Corporate Partners.
  •  NEW! Bi-monthly on line open chat sessions for our Corporate Partners to talk to our global Membership and other Partners. This new program will have various themes and subjects and will put our Corporate Partners front and center with the audio world!
  • NEW! ALTI offers hosted webinars by our Partners for our Members.  FREE for our Sustaining and Corporate Partners, and very inexpensively for our other Partners to teach, promote, or market to our Membership as well as to your clients and potential clients.
  • Our Corporate Partners enjoy the lowest cost dues investment in the industry.

See the next tab for benefits, the various classes of Membership and the costs. If you have any questions, please call Barry Vogel at 602-388-8669,or email

ALTI Association’s goal is to be the hub of the global loudspeaker and related technologies industry by providing representation, create networking opportunities, promote new technologies, and bring the industry together with a common goal of promoting continuous growth and to uphold our industry at the center of the audio world.


ALTI Member Justin Zazzi Credits ALTI for His “Dream Job”

When I am asked where I work, I can honestly say I work at my dream job.  It always takes me a moment after, but I get the biggest smile on my face when I realize that I *really do* have my dream job!  Acoustics is my passion and I was halfway through college before I realized I could make a career from it.  After attending ALMA’s signature event, AISE (ALMA International Symposium & Expo) a few years in a row I was encouraged to make a presentation at next year’s event.  The presentation turned into a wonderful panel discussion on the future of car audio where I shared the stage with some great thinkers in the industry.  I represented the DIY and hobbyist community during the discussion since I have been heavily involved in the community for many years.  Employers in the audience quickly noticed that I was thoughtful, passionate, and articulate, I quickly received offer letters from two companies for a summer internship that year.  I spent the summer in a state on the other side of the country from my home town, in complete disbelief that I was getting paid to play with speakers.  People say if your job is your passion you will never work a day in your life, and I can confirm this is true. I am now a product design engineer at Eminence Speaker Company in Kentucky.   It sounds cheesy but I truly believe ALMA was the missing link between the song in my heart and my dream job, and I am so fortunate and thankful to have found it! 

Justin Zazzi

Former Student ALTI Member

Current ALTI Member

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ALTI CEO Barry Vogel speaks to students about joining ALTI and getting involved!