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THD Podcast which was established in the summer of 2020 to facilitate audio tech marketing and discussion under Covid restrictions.  It has quickly evolved to be a leading source for promotion of audio technologies.  Our goal is to be a platform for technical sales presentations of audio technologies.  Hosted on You tube and other video services but the bulk of traffic is on Linkedin.

Here are some details on the interview/format:


  • Live or recorded: It is recorded over Zoom

    Length: 30-60 minutes in length

    Content: In general, to learn about the business, technology and solutions.
  • Specifically, technical and business oriented content on the technologies that are
  • driving the audio industry today and tomorrow.

    Hosts: Simon Weston is an acoustic engineer based in Japan and I am more of the commercial questions based in Hong Kong
  • Production:  We record via Zoom and the guest can present slides to support their presentation.  A good mic and a well lit room with a decent camera and web connection.  Video mix is recorded on our side with the presenter controlling their slides.
  • Questions: Direct your questions to Dave Lindberg or email ALTI at

Dave Lindberg

DB Enterprises HK Ltd

+852 6821 1651 HK

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