Thanks to all of our Participants and visitors to our Hospitality Suite. Our first year was a resounding success. We’ll be back for 2024. Bigger. Better, And making CES make sense again!

General Layout of the ALTI CES Hospitality Suite subject to modification

Where is the ALTI CES Hospitality Suite Located?

The Venetian Expo (formerly the Sands Convention Center) is one of the primary branch locations for CES. The site map to the right shows where the Lido room is located on the 3rd floor just off the main hallway to the Convention Center and 1 floor up. It ia also very near CES registrations and badge pick-up location at the Venetian. 

Free parking in the Venetian self-park garage. About 1/2 block from the monorail. CES shuttle busses right outside the convention center run all day to the LVCC. Easy to get to and from the venue.

Our VIP Suite is not only easy to get to, it is also a welcome respite from at least some of the crowds and noise on the exhibits floor.

Please read the below terms of service: All registrations are subject to review and are NOT final until you are notified of acceptance.  No registration  will be honored without payment in full. Sorry. No exceptions. Registrations for Host, Meeting Access, and Tech Showcase include access to table, chairs, and waste basket.  No other terms or conditions other than those expressed here will be honored. ALTI will take all prudent and possible steps to accommodate special requests, but said requests will be separate from this contract. Participant prices are based upon one company or entity.  Multiple companies or entities may not utilize a single registration unless under a single ownership.  Anyone exhibiting product or signage will be responsible to deliver and have set up prior to the start of CES 2023, and to remove same from the room at the end of CES 2023.  ALTI  is not responsible for any items left unattended in the Hospitality Suite before or after show hours. Participant fees are non-refundable within 60 days of the event. Refunds requested prior to 60 days will be assessed a 20% processing and venue fee. Participants from outside the continental United States that may require special permits or documentation are responsible to supply said documentation. If ALTI staff is required to file forms or documents, the exhibitor shall be responsible for all fees attached as well as hourly labor by ALTI staff to process. ALTI  is not responsible for freight handling in or out.    Indemnification. Participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ALTI, its officers, directors, employees and members from any and all liability to any person or persons for or by reason of any condition, defect or otherwise, of any apparatus, equipment or fixtures furnished by the exhibitor in connection with this exhibit. Participant further agrees to hold harmless ALTI, its officers, directors, employees and members from any and all liability to any person or persons for or by reason of any act or omission of said participant, or any of his/ her agents, servants or employees. Indemnity includes, but is not limited to, claims of copyright, trademark or patent infringement, unfair competition, and product liability. The participant, upon returning this Registration Form along with making payment, expressly releases the foregoing named association and individuals from exhibits without assistance from these unions, provided they comply with the guidelines outlined.  By submitting this registration and making payment, you are indicating that you agree with the terms of this agreement.

Payment information other than credit cards:

Wire Transfers and ACH Payments: CHASUS33XXX, JP Morgan Chase, 270 Park Ave, New York, NY 12210-0024. Routing: 122100024 Account: 627667378

Check Remittance Information (US Based companies only): ALTI, LLC, 39962 W Thornberry Ln, Maricopa, AZ 85138Part