“ALTI Association’s goal is to be the hub of the global loudspeaker and related technologies industry by providing representation, create networking opportunities, promoting new technologies, and bring the industry together with a common goal of promoting continuous growth and to uphold our industry at the center of the audio world.”

Mission Statement

“ALTI Association’s mission is to promote and advance the interests of the loudspeaker and related audio technologies industry for the benefit of our members and the industry at large.”

ALTI Serves The Business of the Loudspeaker Industry and Audio Technology Industry

The Audio and Loudspeaker Technologies industry has undergone a seismic shift creating an interdependent link throughout the signal chain. ALTI is not only focused upon the engineering and technology of the loudspeaker and audio technology industry. ALTI creates a positive and efficient environment for business to business networking, sales, and marketing development.

ALTI Educates

ALTI is committed to working with universities, other institutions and individuals to develop educational programs on subjects related and relevant to loudspeakers such as design, development, manufacturing, and testing as well as student memberships and to provide training in various formats to our membership.

ALTI is not just for manufacturers and engineers

Founded in the USA in 1961 (as ALMA) and expanded world wide in 2001, ALTI hosts an annual convention every June alternating between Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada just prior to InfoComm. ALTI-EXPO brings together world-class experts in the fields of loudspeaker transducers, acoustics, audio test and measurement, and related technologies as well as business leaders to seek other industry professionals to do business and to make essential connections.

ALTI Provides a Forum for the Audio & Loudspeaker Technologies Industry

ALTI is specifically focused on audio. Not video. Not lighting. Our audio related members receive the attention they deserve! ALTI offers multiple opportunities for networking among members by creating a marketplace where buyers and sellers may convene and connect via online and in person media. Educating through timely and effective communications to  ALTI members, governments, businesses, the media, academia, and other appropriate audiences.

What is ALTI?

  ALTI is the global organization of industry professionals focused upon the advancement of audio & loudspeaker technologies engineering, design, and manufacturing. ALTI creates and promotes a conducive environment in which to make connections, promote our Members and their products and services with one goal: To get business done!

Partnership & Membership Options

ALTI is not just for manufacturers and engineers anymore. ALTI's diverse Membership is inclusive and includes salespeople, marketers, managers, technicians, educators, students, and even enthusiasts from all over the globe. Join us!

IS ALTI a good fit for you?

ALTI's Corporate Membership options are very economical, and easily pays for itself. But we understand that every expense or investment requires careful consideration. That is why we have built our Memberships with real benefits that our Members can really use. Plus, ALTI offers a level of personalized service that other associations simply cannot provide. Call or email for more details. Barry Vogel- Executive Director. 602.388.8669 or bvogel@almaint.org. We have ideas to help to grow your brand, grow your knowledge, grow your network.