VoCAS: New version extends the possibilities for the evaluation of voice control systems

HEAD acoustics has launched a new version of VoCAS (Voice Control Analysis System), the efficient
software for evaluating voice control systems. The turnkey test solution now supports the modular
multi-channel labCORE front end of the technology manufacturer from Herzogenrath. Thus, VoCAS
offers manufacturers even more possibilities to test their ASR system (Automatic Speech Recognition)
in vehicles, mobile phones or smart speakers objectively and reproducibly.
Flexible channel selection for recording and playback
Now, VoCAS has an extended and flexible channel selection for recording and playback. This means
that there is no longer a limitation to two channels. In addition, the audio configuration dialog provides
the user with visual feedback during calibration and mouth equalization. The efficient software allows
an objective and quick quality evaluation of voice control systems under realistic and reproducible test
conditions. In addition, VoCAS is an optimal tool for fast benchmarking of different ASR systems or
software versions.
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