The Cost Down Benefits of Cerium NdFeB

By John Ebert & Freddy Fernandez

Part 5 of the 5 part series.

• A technology roadmap to a lower cost Rare Earth magnet
• Cost down benefits via continuous improvement philosophy
• How to reduce magnet cost by 12% without compromising performance?
• Finding the sweet spot for your Rare Earth magnets.

This White Paper takes you through the development of a unique Rare Earth magnet technology used to produce a magnetic material with the equivalent performance of sintered NdFeB, but at less than 90% of the cost. We will share the technology roadmap and evolution of anisotropic NdFeB magnetic materials from its original form to a production-ready formulation which substitutes traditionally expensive Rare Earth Elements (REE) such as Neodymium and Praesodymium with the cheapest and most abundant REE on the planet, Cerium.

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