Tariff update

Guest editorial by MISCO President Dan Digre including links to pertinent information

The following is a guest editorial by Dan Digre. President of MISCO and a founding Member of ALMA (Now ALTI) There are also links to pertinent information regarding the Tariff issue.

Hundreds of American trade associations and companies are in Washington this week to testify about the damage that is being done to their industries by the current and proposed tariffs on Chinese goods imposed by the US government.  While it’s likely that not all of their members are being hurt by the tariffs, these associations are being advocates for impacted members as well as being voices calling for a resolution to the escalating trade war with China.  

It is important to note that these 25% tariffs (taxes paid before a sale is made) are being paid directly by American companies and consumers, not by the Chinese. They are resulting in lost jobs and reduced business investment.

“Tariffs Hurt the Heartland” is an association of associations and companies who are being hurt by the tariffs. (Audio industry associations CTA and NAMM are both members).  It acknowledges that the USA and China have serious issues to resolve, but should not be done at the expense of the global competitiveness of American businesses.  

I encourage all who are impacted by the tariffs and all who are proponents of global free trade to become signers of this letter and members of this association.   https://tariffshurt.com/tariff-sign-on-letter.


Dan Digre President MISCO/Minneapolis Speaker Company Manufacturing in Minnesota since 1949

NPR Interview 6-19-2019: https://www.npr.org/2019/06/17/733497722/business-leaders-converge-on-office-of-u-s-trade-representative-over-tariff-conc

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