“Takin’ Care of Business” Forum To Launch

Welcome to ALTI’s new monthly Business Builders Advisory Board forum- ’Takin Care of Business’, to be held every 2nd Thursday of the month, at 2PM EST. Our focus is to bring valued branding, sales, marketing, and commerce perspectives and practical advice to entrepreneurs and business owners and managers of businesses of all sizes by way of this informal gathering. Anchored by Adrian Weidmann, Josh Martin, and Chris Rose, we’ll explore a wide range of timely and relevant topics that will undoubtedly offer at least one invaluable nugget that will propel your business forward during every 60-minutes. Open to ALTI Members and Non-members for a limited time.

We’ve all been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic- personally and professionally. We all have our stories. Since we’re in the audio business, one of the unfortunate consequences of this pandemic is the loss of traditional live music and all of those adversely and directly affected- musicians, venues, and all those employed. This will be our premiere topic of discussion. What has it meant for you? What is being done and how have some adapted and in fact, benefited? Maybe we can come up with ideas that can help.

Please join us for our first session on October 8th at 2PM EST. Please register here… 

(If you know of a venue owner/manager or musician that would join our discussion, please contact me directly)

Thank you,

Adrian Weidmann
Managing Director
StoreStream Metrics


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