SoundCheck 16.1 Released – New Frequency Trigger for Open Loop Testing

October 4, 2018. Listen is excited to announce the release of SoundCheck 16.1. This minor release, which contains some exciting new features, is available free of charge to all registered users of SoundCheck 16.0

Most significant is the inclusion of a new frequency trigger. This allows frequency-based triggering of acquisition from an external source using a pilot tone at the beginning of a test sweep. This allows for improved accuracy over previous level-based triggering when capturing responses from a device where you don’t have direct access to the microphone or speaker, especially in noisy environments. This technique optimizes open loop test methods for smart speakers and other voice-controlled devices such as smart phones, robots, automotive audio, smart thermostats, hearables and more. You can view a short video explaining this feature here (

Full Press Release here