New artificial head for low noise measurements of ANC headphones and more

HMS II.3-LN for close to the ear sound sources – Low inherent noise of 16 dBSPL(A)

Measuring very low signal levels like idle noise of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphones requires highly accurate measurement equipment. With HMS II.3-LN (Low Noise), HEAD acoustics is launching a new artificial head that is suitable for low noise measurements of close to the ear sound sources. Ear simulators with highly sensitive microphones assure a very low inherent noise of 16 dBSPL(A) of the binaural artificial head measurement system. Therefore, it is ideally suited to assess the quality of ANC headsets and headphones as well as other close to the ear audio and telecommunication equipment. HMS II.3-LN complies with the international standard ITU-T P.58 and is based on the standards ITU-T P.57 and IEC 60318-4.
“When evaluating the quality of ANC devices, the idle noise should be considered, since this can be disturbing for the user. HMS II.3-LN was specially developed to meet this challenge and is currently the only system on the market that enables precise measurements even at low signal levels”, explains Dr. Hans W. Gierlich, Managing Director Telecom at HEAD acoustics.

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