Major Update of dB-Lab Version 212 and QC 7

Press Release July 2021

In July 2021 KLIPPEL released their new major software update. The main software platform dB-Lab 212 for both, QC 7 and R&D, now provides a shared sensor management. The Klippel Multi-Scanning Workbench is now fully released bringing the near field holographic sound field scanning technology that provides directivity, sound power and room correction to a much smaller form factor. For comprehensive measurement of distortion using multi-tone stimuli, the MTON module is now released. Simulation tools are complemented by a new linear simulation module LSIM, dedicated to speaker and enclosure design.
Klippel QC software has been upgraded with a new automation control interface and multi-channel support for any Windows or ASIO audio interface, as well as wave-file based open loop testing. It includes more flexible options for testing and synchronization and for smart or stand-alone audio devices. Many small but useful tools and updates in existing modules round up this new major release.

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