Listen, Inc.’s West Coast Training Extravaganza! Feb 4th- 8th,2019

Listen is excited to announce its biggest ever training event on the West Coast the week of Feb 4th– 8th (Chinese New Year week) with 5 full days of training events.

Monday: Electroacoustics training with Chris Struck. This one-day course covers the fundamentals of electroacoustics and is ideal for anyone new to the industry or who wants to learn more about the electroacoustics theory behind the measurements they are making. You do not need to be a SoundCheck user to benefit from this class!

Tuesday and Wednesday: Basic 2 day SoundCheck training with Steve Tatarunis. This two-day class is designed to accelerate the learning curve for novice and basic level SoundCheck users. A combination of teaching, demos and hands-on exercises begin with the basics of system setup and calibration, using virtual instruments, and creating and modifying basic test sequences. On the second day, the sequence writing progresses to more complex techniques such as sequence loops, statistics and advanced post-processing.

Thursday: Advanced SoundCheck training with Steve Temme. This is designed for users who have already attended the basic class or who need to make more complex measurements and want to take their SoundCheck use to the next level. This course will include topics such as simulated free field measurements, open loop testing of smart devices, advanced distortion measurements, selecting an appropriate test stimulus (including speech, music and compound stimuli), advanced sequence development including conditional branching and looping, advanced post-processing algorithms and more.

Friday:  Smart speaker testing seminar (half day plus networking lunch). By popular demand we are bringing our free smart speaker testing seminar back to the West Coast. Steve Temme will present this seminar covering many aspects of smart device testing including open loop measurement, telephony measurements and voice quality measurements. Although the demonstrations will be done with smart speakers, the techniques and methods are relevant to anyone testing voice-controlled devices including hearables, watches and other wearables, robots, smart home devices and automotive entertainment systems. FREE.

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