HQS-ANC-Headset: HEAD acoustics’ comprehensive test solution for ANC headphones and headsets

Press Release July 24, 2019

Testing and optimizing the ANC performance and the overall speech and audio quality of headphones and headsets is essential for manufacturers. HEAD acoustics offers a comprehensive solution for this: HQS-ANC-Headset is the new test suite for the communication analysis system ACQUA.

Evaluate ANC performance

“Customer demands for state-of-the-art ANC headphones and headsets are constantly increasing: they have to individually adapt the audio experience to the surrounding, block out unwanted background noises, but still allow hearing of important announcements at train stations or in planes with reduced background noise. At the same time, they must consistently ensure excellent sound quality and clear hands-free calls,” says Christian Schüring, Sales Manager Telecom at HEAD acoustics. “With the HQS-ANC-Headset, we enable manufacturers to test headphones and headsets with Active Noise Cancelling comprehensively and automatically. The test suite supports several external noise scenarios for assessing ANC performance: A realistic simulation of background noise, a second talker and announcements via an external loudspeaker. HQS-ANC-Headset includes tests to compare passive noise isolation with active noise cancellation of the headphone. In addition, the effectiveness of the talk-through function can be evaluated.

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