How to Listen 101: Q&A with HARMAN’s Audio Guru, Dr. Sean Olive

October 03, 2018 AKG Corporate Lifestyle Audio Professional SolutionsBranded Audio

Studies show that listening to music can elevate your mood, reduce stressease pain, fend off depression, and even improve post-surgery outcomes. So if you are looking for a simple way to uplift your mood on any given day – just sit back, listen and cue the music.

As a company with an umbrella of pioneering audio brands, HARMAN takes pride in having a strong and talented R&D Acoustics team that leads studies related to the perception and measurement of sound quality. This group comprised of talented acoustic engineers is responsible for the sound quality benchmarking of HARMAN’s consumer, professional, and automotive audio systems.

Knowing that music has an integral influence over our lives, we recently caught up with HARMAN’s Acoustic Research Fellow, Dr. Sean Olive, to learn more about his work in sound quality benchmarking of HARMAN’s unparalleled audio products and solutions.

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