How Opportunities Happen: By Matt Marcum- Eminence

Well, the story should actually start several years ago at a winter NAMM show, 2016 I believe.  Barry Vogel was manning a booth on behalf of ALMA, and trying vigorously to revive a once great association that was on the fore front of the pro audio community.  I ran in to Barry then at his booth and we talked for a bit.  He made it clear what ALMA was trying to do, and told me to make sure Chris Rose knows that “Barry’s coming for us”.  Eminence quickly re-joined the revitalized ALMA organization, and within a couple of years, an ALMA Board of Directors opening was available.  I nominated Jerry McNutt, to Barry, for the position.  Of course, Jerry was widely recognized and easily voted in.  He became an active member of the board and we (Eminence) began attending AISE, once again. 

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