First Generation Airstream Interstate 24X Ushers in Cutting-Edge Sound by Resonado Labs

The two Midwest brands’ collaboration marks the introduction of the world’s first FCS-Enabled sound system

CHICAGO, IL (June 10, 2021) — Audio technology startup
Resonado Labs is proud to announce that the world’s first-ever Resonado
FCS-Enabled sound system will be available in the recently unveiled and
launched first generation of Airstream’s Interstate 24X. This is the first of
three systems designed by Resonado Labs for Airstream, the other two of which
will soon be available in Airstream’s 2022 Atlas, Interstate 24GL, Interstate
24GT, and Interstate 19, all of which will be available later this year. As the
collaboration represents the first implementation of FCS technology into a
mainstream consumer product, this is marked as Resonado Lab’s flagship
commercial partnership.

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