The Celestion CDX14-2410 is the latest of the company’s ultra-low-noise compression drivers.
The unique “deep-drawn” titanium diaphragm and patented annular phase plug design combine
to produce much more accurate-sounding high frequencies, exhibiting much lower distortion
than many comparable devices on the market.
The driver’s diaphragm is deep-drawn which makes it much stiffer. This, in turn, increases the
frequency of the first modal breakup, to around 15kHz. By contrast, a typical large-format
compression driver diaphragm starts to break up between 8kHz and 10kHz. In human hearing
the critical midrange listening band is between 2kHz and 10kHz. So, by avoiding breakup in
the midband altogether the amount of audible distortion is dramatically reduced, delivering a
performance of much greater clarity.

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