AVIXA A102.01:2017 (Formerly ANSI/INFOCOMM A102.01:2017) Audio Coverage Uniformity in Listener Areas

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ICS: 33.160.01

This Standard has been re-published to replace the InfoComm International® name with the
association’s new name, AVIXA™ (Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association), but all content remains the same.

This Standard provides a procedure to measure and classify the uniformity of early arriving sound
from a sound system across a listener area.

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AVIXA A103.01:201X 2
Spectral Balance of Sound Systems in Listener Areas

ICS 33.160.30 8
Abstract 9
This Standard defines the parameters for characterizing spectral balance in sound systems in order to 10 identify and subsequently prevent unacceptable variations in frequency response across the audience 11 listening area. The Standard defines a process to measure, document, and classify a sound system’s 12 ability to reproduce an acceptable spectral balance, also known as a uniform frequency response.

See full proposed standard specs here