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The Vital role of the underappreciated spider

Presented by Clement Lambert


Thursday, 9-May 2PM to 2:30PM

Although the spider remains an underestimated component of loudspeaker, its design is one of the key to reduce THD in low frequency and reduce the dynamic compression.

We will explain how the spider can limit the d loudspeaker performances, the details concrete application.

We will introduce the latest spider innovation offered by Kartesian to overcome the usual constraints and improve loudspeaker performances.

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Advertorial session:

Acoustics simulation with COMSOL Multiphysics

Presented by Dr. Árpád Forberger 


Thursday, 9-May 2:30PM to 3PM and Saturday, 11-May 2:30PM to 3PM

COMSOL Multiphysics is a modeling and simulation software that creates accurate and fully coupled multiphysics and single-physics models. The software designs and optimizes systems of any complexity. Engineers use Finite Element Modeling and Simulation to build fewer physical prototypes, lower costs, and create high-quality end products. COMSOL Multiphysics enables the modeling of acoustic phenomena across various applications, including speakers, microphones, and concert halls. It offers tools for solving and visualizing pressure acoustics, electroacoustics, micro acoustics, elastic waves, ultrasound, aeroacoustics, geometrical acoustics, and acoustic streaming phenomena.

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Conference session:

Simulation of flow-induced noise in subwoofers

Presented by Dr. Árpád Forberger 


Friday, 10-May 2PM to 3PM and Sunday, 12-May 2PM to 3PM

Flow-induced noise simulation is a complex and challenging task that involves modeling the interaction between fluid flow and acoustic waves. Some of the main challenges are:

• Capturing the turbulent structures of the flow and their acoustic sources in the flow field requires high-resolution numerical methods and large computational resources.
• Solving the acoustics field in complex geometries and boundary conditions may involve multiple scattering, reflection, and diffraction effects.
• Multiphysics, computationally demanding, and time-dependent simulation is required.

See the full abstract here

Why DSP Crossovers? -Turn a good loudspeaker into a great one!

Presented by Al Clark


Thursday & Friday 9 and 10-May 3PM to 3:30PM

DSP active crossovers have many intrinsic advantages over traditional passive crossovers used in loudspeakers systems. This talk discusses the reasons why a modern DSP active crossover solution is needed for optimal speaker design.

See the full abstract here

Making sound better for your hearing, content, device, and environment

Presented by Dr. Alexander Goldin


Thursday, 9-May 3:30PM to 4PM and Friday, 10-May 11AM to 11:30AM

Our hearing is different, we use different devices, we listen to different audio content, we are in different environments. Why should we listen to sound that was produced for “golden ears” and not for our ears, music that was mastered for high-end devices and not for the ones we are currently using, audio content equalized for quiet studios and not for our current dynamic and noisy environment?

PersonaSound is a concept of optimizing the sound for the individual listener and for the content being played, taking into account the limitations of the device and adjusting the sound to compensate for the masking effect of ambient noise.

After the presentation, listeners will understand the principles of compensating for age-related hearing loss, the principles of sound optimization for a specific device and what can be done for an optimal sound experience when the ambient noise changes dynamically.

During the presentation, examples of audio files before and after optimization will be played.

See the full abstract here

ALTI Association seeks original technical and audio industry business related topics for presentation to Attendees and Exhibitors of the High End and International Parts Supply Show and the ALTI Pavilion + Conference. Topics for the first 2 B2B days should be oriented toward professionals in the audio industry. Presentations for the 2nd 2 days may be more consumer oriented as the second 2 days are open to the public, however there is still a heavy concentration of business professionals at the show during the consumer days.


Spaces are limited and all submissions will be reviewed for content and interest to our attendees.


There will be enhanced promotion of our Conference sessions for 2024 both during and before the event. It is VITAL that we have content abstracts no later that March 15, 2024 in order to properly promote and assure an audience for your session. 


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All sessions will be recorded and posted to YouTube after the show. The 2023 session have garnered a robust post event viewership of almost 200 views adding greater impact to your content.


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