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Join ALTI’s Standards Committee

We’re open to including standards that may not already be included here. If you would like to help compile this list, have a suggestion for inclusion or would like to join the Standards Committee, please contact the Standards Committee Chair, at


Common Language

ALTI has long offered standards defining a common language for part & assembly design, manufacture, and quality assurance.  Whether fine-tuning performance, managing operating risks, or optimizing efficiency and sustainability, standards provide a common language between buyers and sellers worldwide.

Powerful Tools

We endeavor here to provide a definitive list of standards for the loudspeaker and acoustic industries published by organizations such as ALTI, AES, EIA, CEA and others.

Relevant Clearinghouse

We want our Members to stay informed of Standards throughout the industry, not just our own. The ALTI Board of Directors seeks to create a clearinghouse of Relevant Standards to inform our Members.  This list should include other orgs like AES, EIA, CEA, IEEE, etc