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I think that making sure you are savvy in the tech available (Zoom, etc) so that you can “put on a good presentation” during your virtual interview is imperative not only during this pandemic, but likely moving forward in general. My guess is that employers will continue to opt for Zoom calls instead of in-person meetings, at least for an initial interview.
As an educator, I try to stay very consistent with how I appear on Zoom every time and I’ve worked hard at being prepared, with the technology available, to meet my students’ needs. I usually have documents, pictures, slides, and even a whiteboard on my iPad with an Apple pencil ready to go at all times.
As an interviewee, you should be prepared with examples of your work, research, etc. Even if the interviewer doesn’t ask for them during the interview, I’ll bet you’ll likely come across as more confident in the interview process simply because you know, in the back of your mind, you ARE prepared.

Definitely challenging times that require “out of the box” thinking to get where you’re trying to go.