We regret that the Conference has been cancelled for 2022.


ALTI’s inaugural conference in Europe promises to be a major event. ALTI Automotive Audio Conference will be          co-locating at the MOC in Munich with the High End Audio Show and the International Parts Supply Show (IPS). 
The interior of the vehicle is becoming increasingly important. It is very likely that the vehicle interior will be used in a completely different way in the vehicle of tomorrow. People will use the vehicle to enjoy entertainment, play games, watch movies with family and friends via streaming, make video calls, use the vehicle as a mobile office, communicate with their community on social media. The challenge for OEMs and suppliers is to enable access to rich media content in the vehicle in a safe, user-friendly and secure way, and to achieve flawless image reproduction via displays as well as  excellent sound quality. The demands for an excellent sound system will increase and with it the desire for new technologies, such as sound zones and immersive audio. The conference will provide an overview of the advances made in recent years and address many of the new demands in this emerging area of audio technology. 
In the context of vehicle electrification, the challenges of NVH are growing. New measurements and approaches are needed. The same or even higher NVH performance levels will need to be achieved with lightweight structures, downsized respectively turbocharged engines, or alternative powertrains. You will hear about industry approaches and opportunities for OEMs to differentiate their acoustic attributes with branding purposes.
Greater digitalization of product and manufacturing development will enable technology growth. The conference will therefore also address virtual product development.
The new ALTI Automotive Audio Conference will provide a forum for professional exchange as well as discussion and presentation of new technologies and processes within the dynamic Automotive Audio industry. The conference language will be English.
Plan to participate in this important event! Check back often for updates!

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Thanks to Sponsor support, ALTI has been able to reduce Conference Attendee pricing and offer FREE Conference attendance for content presenters! See our registration pages for details!

UPDATE 18, March, 2022: As of this date, the High End Audio Show exhibitors will exceed 2019 numbers and could have as many as 500  exhibitors. 2019 attendance was over 8000 visitors. Add the International Parts Supply Show and the ALTI Automotive Audio Conference, and this will be a significant event! 

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Registrations will be in advance only. This limits close quarters and multiple touch points to accomplish registrations on site. Register safely and securely through our online portal above. We will also be adhering to occupancy limitations, so register early to guarantee your reservation.
ALTI is taking all required and suggested steps to assure that your participation at ALTI Automotive Audio Conference is safe and enjoyable. High End Society has developed a comprehensive health and hygiene protocol which ALTI will adhere to. Please be aware that safety protocols may change as we approach the event based upon the most current requirements. Safety is always a paeamount concern.
Please see the latest safety protocols  document here

Some of the Content Coming to AAAC

Gold Sponsor COMSOL will present a 90 minute workshop on its famous COMSOL Multiphysics

COMSOL Multiphysics is a cross-platform finite element analysis, solver and multiphysics simulation software. It allows conventional physics-based user interfaces and coupled systems of partial differential equations.

LOUDSOFT will present a paper called: Controlled Loudspeaker Inductance Le(x)

Inserting a short circuit ring around the pole piece is a known remedy for reducing the Voice Coil inductance, but the inductance non-linearity Le(x) can be optimized to be virtually independent of the Voice Coil position. The Voice Coil Inductance is among the non-linear loudspeaker parameters which strongly depends on the Voice Coil position due to the influence of iron in the magnet system. In addition to a ring or pole cap, more rings and caps in different materials may be added below and above the magnet airgap depending on the coupling with the flux produced by the Voice Coil. Examples hereof are given for both normal outside ferrite magnet systems as well as inside neodymium magnet systems.

Premium Sound Solutions will present Segmented Mass Loading for Loudspeaker Cones

Common loudspeaker cones have axisymmetric geometry and are made of isotropic cone materials, such as paper. This leads to dominant radial cone breakup modes with ring-shaped vibration patterns that create peaks and dips in the frequency response.  By adding local masses on the cone in a circle segment configuration, the isotropy is broken due to non-axisymmetric inertial forces. Consequently, the patterns of the breakup modes are changed from ring shaped zones into irregular areas with in-phase and out-of-phase contributions to the sound pressure that cancel each other partially. This leads to a smoothing of the SPL response.

Composite Sound will present The possibilities of engineered speaker diaphragms: Introduction to the second generation Thin-ply Carbon Diaphragms – Composite Sound Metamodal®

The first generation TPCDs showed that it is possible to increase the range of pistonic motion while at the same time reduce the mass and achieve a more controlled behavior compared to conventional hard loudspeaker diaphragms. Through proper engineering, the second generation TPCD enables performance and tailored behavior far beyond what is possible when relying on material properties alone. By tailoring the thickness and stiffness (including in different directions) in any given point of the Composite Sound Metamodal diaphragm, the range of pistonic motion can be maximized, the moving mass minimized and the way resonances occur can be controlled.

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