Advances in Tinsel Wire For Micro Speakers and Larger Drivers

Maeden has created over a thousand types of tinsel leads for speakers.  Tinsel is a critical part of the speaker, from micro speaker to worlds biggest subwoofer. There are many ways of connection from terminal to voice coil, from free air, or from the spider or through the bridge. No matter how you connect to the voice coil, if you chose the wrong wire, the tinsel lead will fail and the speaker will malfunction.
Maeden is very well known for innovating new wire technology. Maeden is releasing two new types of tinsel wire for both Micro Speaker and Woofer. The new generation micro speaker wire had a significant increase in performance under fatigue and greater flexibility. The most important point of this new technology is that Maeden has found a way to keep the same outside diameter or reduce, but handle much higher power, which means lower conductor resistance on the wire.
The woofer wire is also a brand new construction that Maeden finally find a balance in between fatigue, stiffness and performance – This types of wire are mainly start to use in Automotive industry because the fatigue performance is one of the best and only this type of wire can handle million cycles of automotive testing requirements. The presentation will also release how Maeden runs simulation tests and the procedure used by Maeden to recommend the best wire for the customers.